Moving to Toronto: Tips

Toronto is a bustling city of about 2.6 million residents located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. A city with all the great opportunities inherent to urban Canada, Toronto has many recreation and entertainment choices, a great educational system, and a first-class transportation network.

For those unfamiliar with the city, preferably before moving to Toronto, pick up a map that includes its subway and RT system as well as roads. The subway connects large segments of the city utilizing just four lines and frequent train departures during rush hour. New residents who do not have a vehicle will find the subway indispensable.

Moving to Toronto Tips

We know that moving to Toronto to a foreign county is not easy. Because of that, we get your move started right by providing free boxes. A progressive city, Toronto offers many opportunities for recycling, including boxes made from box-board and corrugated cardboard. The city is quite environmentally friendly and prides itself on many green initiatives and programs.

To take some of the worry away, I Love Moving also offers 24/7 shipment tracking, so that our clients can monitor their shipment’s progress while moving to Toronto. If you should mail or ship something via post in Toronto, Canada Post has convenient locations throughout the city. These can be located using their website or phone app.

When moving to Toronto, our international movers can help reduce the stress from the beginning to the happy ending in your new home in Canada.

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